Friday, March 27, 2009

Notes from the Hot Dog Pot: The Hotdoctopus

I would just like to take a moment to inform everyone that innocently chillin' in the files are instructions on how to make a Hot Dog Octopus, attractively splayed open on a bed of Mac n' Cheese with a harmonious Five-Kiwi and Parsley garnish. The only improvement I can possibly think of is to add clove eyes, a gold jump ring monocle and a waxed mustache cut from a black licorice wheel. Then to place the entire thing on a sterling silver covered platter and wait for the children to get really, really hungry before lifting the cover theatrically and announcing, "DINNER... IS SERVED!" I think I'll try it on Saturday night.


Husbands Anonymous said...

I'm used to food aimed at children, and have eaten my own share of amusingly arranged suppers. I have to know- the kiwi fruit was a brilliant touch! Is it an essential part of the recipe?

Jenni said...

It's amazing, isn't it?! This is the photo-illustration accompanying Step 6 on's instructions on How to Make a Hot Dog Octopus. I especially love how there are FIVE slices - because any less would of course be totally unbalanced. In this babysitter's opinion: yes, the kiwi fruit is absolutely essential.

Jenni said... is the parsley.